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Controlling a Light - How?

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    Controlling a Light - How?

    I'm trying out the Simmap plugin, and have a floorplan, and a first light bulb added to the view. For the light, it is connected to a Hue bulb, and the right-click pops up okay in the Home Controller view, (albeit only the slider, never the buttons) but no matter how I try to configure the control (status or brightness), it never actually controls the bulb. Any pointers appreciated.

    The buttons are still a TODO

    The slider should work though, if the setup is right. A couple of things spring to mind.

    Is the correct feature set as the "control" in the house designer? You may have to experiment here, setting another feature as the control.

    It's worth looking at what you have set on the device in the ordinary HS setup: Devices tab -> click your device -> Status graphics tab -> click a feature -> see what it's set to. An example from my system:
    Click image for larger version

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    In this picture, we can see that this particular device is controlled using the "downlights" feature (I've renamed it to remember). See the "Control Use" column. Here's the values you need to configure in the house designer min and max value. The min and max here for me is 0 and 99. Note that 255 as max won't work, because in that case, the slider will try to set the device value to any value between 0 and 255 depending on its position, whereas the range 100-254 is unspecified, as you can see.

    Another thing you can try is just to left click the light. It should toggle it on/off. If that works, you probably have to tell me what browser you're running, so I can investigate.

    Last thing:
    Ctrl+shift+I on the House Controller screen should bring up the browser developer console. Click the console tab, and try dragging the slider. The console should output something like:
    Control device 377 succeeded with OK; 128
    Let me know if it doesn't

    Good luck troubleshooting!