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Active Zone <> Motion Sensor linking not really happening

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    Active Zone <> Motion Sensor linking not really happening

    So, when I create a 'motion sensor' and add it to an existing 'active zone', shouldn't the active zone show the added motion sensor in the list at the bottom of 'motion, dusk/dawn sensors and active zones' ????
    and visa versa ?
    'cause it ain't happening....

    little help please.....

    I recently updated to HS4, and I’m afraid I’m seeing the same thing. I create a new active zone, and assign the motion sensors to it. When I come back after saving, the assigned motion sensors are gone (unchecked).

    Sometimes deleting and re-adding the active zone works. But most times not.

    Looking at the motion sensor, it looks like the active zone has been assigned. But when a motion event occurs, It does not trigger the active zone.



      Looked at BLRadar.xml. I do see the <motionSensors> tag, with the expected reference IDs for the associated motion sensors. But I don't see those sensors checked in the UI.

      And, the only active zones that trigger are the ones that show the checks next to the sensors.


        What version of BLRadar are you using?
        I have not seen this happen here yet
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          I recently set up HS4, migrating config from HS3 (separate VM from the one running HS3, so I can go back and forth as needed).

          So, I'm trying out the HS4 version of BLRadar (

          So I noticed I didn't have Sensor Recovery Time set in my motion sensors. So I tried adding that. And after that, I started seeing the Active Zone events.

          BLRF is reporting both X-10 ON and OFF events for the sensors, so I had assumed that the SRT value was not required. Am I wrong about that?

          I'm still seeing missing checkmarks in the active zone sensors, in the GUI. But not always. I haven't figured out what's the trigger for that. I had seen people report that Edge has problems with that, but Chrome works. But I'm using Chrome.

          I guess for now, consider this a non-issue. If I see something else related and unexpected, I'll update.