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Enhancement request for the MultiSwitch device

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    Enhancement request for the MultiSwitch device

    I would like to have a delay option for each switch added to the MultiSwitch device like you have a sensor delay option in the DelayControl.

    If I can set a varying delay for each switch, they will turn on and off in a sequenced pattern. This would be a really cool effect when turning many lights on or off each day.

    I am testing ControlsPlus v1.3.2.0 with HS4 v4.2.18.5.

    Would one delay configuration for the MultiSwitch be OK - so if you specify 1s then there's a 1s delay between each underlying switch being changed. That avoids the overall config become too confusing, and would also be useful for control networks that don't like to be overloaded with lots of rapid changes.

    What would you do for switches that aren't changing?
    • Don't have a delay for switches which (probably) aren't going to change, so the apparent sequence is visually nice?
    • Always have a delay if a command is sent, so to keep the visual niceness you have to turn off "Always send commands"?
    The latter allows for the technical throttling scenario, at the risk of some switches not being changed if the HS status is wrong.


      The delay countdown for all switches starts when the On or Off button is pressed. So if I have five light switches with delays set to 0, 3, 7, 10, and 15, respectively, the first light will turn on/off when the button is pressed, and the second will turn on/off 3 seconds later, and so on. It simulates someone walking around the house manually flipping switches. Nice visual effect. Also, a MultiSwitch with extended delays can simulate someone being at home while, in reality, no one is there.

      If the user does not set a delay (the default is 0), MultiSwitch continues to function as it does now. So users don't have to learn anything new unless they want to use this feature.

      The timing of when each delayed switch is turned on/off should not change if "Always send commands" is selected or not. My understanding is this option mitigates the side effects of turning many switches on/off at the same time.

      Also, this feature is beneficial to the control network because turning on or off many switches at the same time can tax the system with command overload. A delayed switch is less likely to cause network congestion problems.

      Thanks for considering this request.


        I like the idea; I'll also have to add ordering to the list of switches, at the moment it doesn't matter because all switches change at once.