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ControlsPlus known bugs / enhancement requests

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    ControlsPlus known bugs / enhancement requests

    Here I'll list all known issues with hopefully an indication of priority and where I am with fixing them:

    # Control Description Type Status
    4 MultiSwitch Add delay between switching of devices Enh Need to be careful with threading/blocking but idea is clear, NR?

    (NR = next release, NR+1 = release after that etc)

    And here a list of fixed items:
    # Control Description Type Release
    1 DelayControl Status (enable/disable) not working Bug
    2 EventsControl Width of event selector too narrow Bug
    6 MultiSwitch, MultiSensor Add correct Control Use to buttons Bug
    5 MultiSwitch, MultiSensor Only send command when switch status will change Enh
    3 general Display of device name to include location Enh
    7 MultiSensor Allow use as virtual switch without underlying Enh
    8 general Allow selection of devices where there are no features Bug