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Some switches don't show up in MultiSwitch selector

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    Some switches don't show up in MultiSwitch selector

    I have a few older z-wave switches that don't show up in your device selector for the multiswitch. I'm guessing this is because they don't have any "features":

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-05-31 15_20_17-Devices.png
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    These switches are perfectly controllable in Homeseer and addressable in HS events, so is this possible to fix in your plugin?

    Funny you should raise that, I hadn't seen it before but last week I added a tap controller to my system and it also doesn't create any features even in HS4.

    I'll add that as a bug and see about fixing it in a next release.


      Fixed in BETA

      As this is an edge case I'm not all that confident about my testing; it shows the devices in the lists, and adding one to a multiswitch also seems to work fine.