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PM25 and PM25 AQI devices

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    PM25 and PM25 AQI devices

    In Ver I added separate PM25 AQI device - since some providers read PM25 value (µg/m³), some PM25 AQI, and some give both.

    Please keep an eye on the displayed values and units, as every provider is different - I can't verify each reading. Let me know of any issues.

    Just looking at the logs versus display and this attribute is not being picked up.
    11-13-2021 06:51:56 AK Weather Info [1591] HP2553_7778: (AmbientWeatherLocal) pm25_avg_24h_ch1 = 12.9
    PASSKEY=0110100001100101011011000110110001101111&stationtype =EasyWeatherV1.5.9&dateutc=2021-11-13+11:51:57&tempinf=72.1&humidityin=49&baromrelin=29.324&bar omabsin=29.324&tempf=41.2&humidity=68&winddir=121&winddir_av g10m=45&windspeedmph=1.6&windspdmph_avg10m=1.1&windgustmph=2 .0&maxdailygust=6.3&rainratein=0.000&eventrainin=0.138&hourl yrainin=0.000&dailyrainin=0.000&weeklyrainin=0.374&monthlyra inin=0.378&yearlyrainin=2.299&solarradiation=0.08&uv=0&temp1 f=71.2&humidity1=70&temp2f=70.5&humidity2=73&temp3f=70.5&hum idity3=64&temp4f=55.6&humidity4=57&soilmoisture2=37&soilmois ture3=33&pm25_ch1=5.0&pm25_avg_24h_ch1=12.9&tf_ch1=49.6&wh80batt=3.28&wh25batt=0&batt1=0&batt2=0&batt3= 0&batt4=0&soilbatt2=1.3&soilbatt3=1.4&pm25batt1=5&tf_batt1=1 .56&freq=915M&model=HP2553BC_Pro_V1.7.4
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-11-13 07.04.43 homeseer 20174e0bca86 - Copy.png
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      Originally posted by MikeO3 View Post
      Just looking at the logs versus display and this attribute is not being picked up.
      You don't seem to have any PM25 devices? pm25_ch1 is also missing?


      Ah, you do have Air Quality PM25.

      You sure you want another device? I thought current reading is more important.

      I do use pm25_avg_24h_ch1, but only if pm25_ch1 isn't available:

      wd.pm25_val = get("pm25_ch1") ?? get("pm25_avg_24h_ch1") ?? get("pm25") ?? get("pm25_24h");


        Yes, PM25 indoor. I don't mind another device as I was just noticing it wasn't in the device list but available.


          Ver - Added PM25 (Val and Aqi) average 24Hr; Enable/Disable battery devices (Ecowitt and AW Local)

          BTW, it's not just "another device" - there's now so many variants:

          pm25 val
          pm25 val avg
          pm25 in val
          pm25 in val avg

          pm25 aqi
          pm25 aqi avg
          pm25 in aqi
          pm25 in aqi avg

          Just in case you get too many devices I added config switch to disable battery devices (you have to delete the devices manually if switch is off):

          Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-11-14 - Copy.png Views:	0 Size:	263.5 KB ID:	1507910


            Thanks! PM Avg I can use to graph a trend.


              No problem