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AK Bond PI disconnects, restarts, reverts to IP:

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    AK Bond PI disconnects, restarts, reverts to IP:

    So, I recently installed a couple of Emerson Aero ECO EFC985L series outdoor fans. Great fans, lousy controllers IMHO.
    I'm trying to open a discussion up with Emerson Engineering on how they can improve their controllers, but we'll see how that goes. We are only talking about the AK Bond PI config, the Bond Bridge Pro is still accessible from its app and the fans are functioning fine. so this issue is in the PI itself.

    Anyway, the reason for my post here is I am having issues with the AK Bond PI disconnecting, restarting, and coming up with a local useless IP of

    Since the issue is intermittent, it may take 12 hrs or more before it happens again and if I open up logging, the log will most likely generate TB of data in 12 hrs. Below is what is logged on a similar outage but is almost useless from a troubleshooting standpoint.
    [COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:33:17 [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]AK Bond [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Info [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Running on Linux - using MonoZeroconf [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:33:01 [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]HomeSeer [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Starting Plug-In [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Plugin AK Bond started successfully in 394 milliseconds [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:33:01 [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]AK Bond [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Info [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:33:01 AK Bond ver. ( [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:33:01 [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]HomeSeer [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Starting Plug-In [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Initializing plugin AK Bond ... [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:33:00 [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]HomeSeer [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Starting Plug-In [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]AK Bond loaded in 15036 milliseconds [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:32:46 [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]HomeSeer [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Info [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Plugin AKBond with instance AK Bond has connected. IP: [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#D58000]07/29/2021 08:32:45 [/COLOR][COLOR=#D58000]HomeSeer [/COLOR][COLOR=#D58000]Warning [/COLOR][COLOR=#D58000]I/O interface AK Bond is down, executable is not running, restarting ... [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]07/29/2021 08:32:31 [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]HomeSeer [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Info [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Plugin AK Bond with ID: AKBond and Instance: has disconnected[/COLOR]
    I'm currently on HS4 Linux What can I do to help in diagnosing this issue?


    If plugin is restarting, there should be error messages in log. It could be related to mDNS (Zeroconf) discovery, not sure. Try disabling discovery in plugin settings.


      Ok, let me try that and I'll update when I catch another error.


        Originally posted by PCK View Post
        coming up with a local useless IP of
        What do you mean? Are you referring to log "Plugin AKBond with instance AK Bond has connected. IP:"?
        This only means that plugin is running locally to HS4.


          On the settings screen of your PI. Once its set to an IP, in my case it does not auto discover, I have to set it manually, after some amount of time. it reverts back to and at that point it no longer communicates to the Bond Bridge Pro. The Bond Bridge Pro is still functioning as confirmed by the app, but the PI no longer communicates to the Bridge.

          After your comment about disabling discovery, I did just that after setting it back up and so far it has not failed. So we will see what happens.


            Can you try to investigate why auto discovery isn't working? On Linux it's using avahi, but I'm not an expert in Linux


              Sorry for the delays in getting back on this, I have been traveling on business so my home time has been limited.......

              Ok, so what I am seeing is auto discovery is not working, and even if I disable auto discovery and set an IP manually, if I restart Homeseer or even the PI, the manual IP I set completely disappears and reverts back to which stops communication to the Bridge Pro. I am forced to re-setup the PI every time.

              I checked and the linux avahi daemon is installed and running on my ubuntu system.

              So I see two issues, 1. the plugin does self discovery does not function, and 2. saving a manual IP configuration doesn't work either.



                Nobody reported any of this problem, so it needs more investigation.

                Regarding discovery, can you Google for avahi troubleshooting? I'm not an expert in Linux.

                Regarding saving manual IP config, I'll check. But like you, I'm not home, so it may take some time.

                I suggest in the mean time, please enable Log and see if you can find any clues.


                  I've looked at all the avahi discovery troubleshooting for ubuntu systems to no avail. avahi doesn't really buy you anything after initial setup so why make this more difficult than it needs to be? Just allow for a manual ip or host name to be entered in the config file, and have it loaded when the PI comes up, problem solved.

                  I have enabled logging but other than the scanning of devices every 5 seconds, there is no other useful info in the logs.

                  I have also reached out to Bond Support questioning why this is only a one way, sending only device. If it can send commands it should be able to listen for commands from a devices remotes. That way it would keep HS4 in sync since Bond is unable to query a device. Will see what improvements are made in this regard in the future.


                    Bond do describe IP discovery here i.e.
                    avahi-browse -a | grep bond
                    Also, they do have Bond Push UDP Protocol (BPUP)

                    Setting IP manually also is implemented in my plugin. I can't check now as I'm not home.
                    But may I ask you again - once the IP is lost, make sure the Log is enabled, clear log and enter the IP manually - and copy log messages.