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  • alexbk66
    You don't need pro. The pro advantage is ethernet port and better WiFi antennaes, but they removed IR, and it doesn't look as good.

    But for normal house the old beautiful Bond is fine. Here's the email from Bond:

    On the price, it’s targeted for pro installers of high-end HA systems in USA, and this price is quite comfortable for them in most cases. We continue to offer the BD-1000 for consumers at what is actually quite an aggressively low price for us.
    You can also read more and ask questions on Bond forum

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  • jrjmpls7
    started a topic Help for newbie

    Help for newbie

    Could someone help me decide whether i need the pro version of the bridge or not-it's much more expensive.
    I wil use it for fans only at the moment, but could use for fireplace, etc later on.
    And in info on what fans work with it might prevent me from getting a fan that won't work with the bridge.