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    Thanks Sam, in HS4 gear icon shouldn't show - in HS4 changed so the root can't have any status/controls - which in my view is just a waste, as I have to create additional child (I call the CTRL) or assign some other child as CTRL to display the state. And gear icon means there's no correct icon assigned anyways.

    Your pdf shows EnvisaLink plugin which is HS3, right?

    If you check the root device Status/Graphics config - it actually only shows children devices:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Oh I am so sorry Alex. I did not know that. AKBond was the first HS4 plugin I am using that is not inheriting devices created by HS3.

      Everything is working fine.

      Just be aware that the Norton Firewall appears (at least on my system) to follow the exact plugin file and not just the file name. If you update the plugin even if the executable has the same exact file name, the firewall blocks it from accessing socket(s) unless you add the new plugin file to the rules.

      Thanks again!

      Kind regards,