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Proper way to remove HS3 AKBond PI & Install HS4 AKBond

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    Proper way to remove HS3 AKBond PI & Install HS4 AKBond

    Hello Alex,
    I am going to move over from the HS3 version of your AK Bond PI to the HS4 version and want to make sure after I deactivate the HS3 version that all of the HS3 devices are removed before I install and activate the HS4 version. If I deactivate the old PI and then click the delete icon for the plugin on the manage plugin page, will it delete everything for the old plugin?

    AKBond PI Version

    Thanks for the help
    HS4 &HSTouch Designer 3.0.80
    BLBackup, BLOccupied, BLShutdown, EasyTrigger, Ecobee, Nest, AK Bond
    EnvisaLink DSC, PHLocation, Pushover, SONOS, Blue Iris, UltraRachio3,
    weatherXML, Jon00 Alexa Helper, Network Monitor, MyQ, Z-Wave

    No, when you uninstall the plugin no devices are deleted. Also the config file stays "C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS4\Config\AKBond.ini"

    When I was porting my plugins to HS I was also implementing migration for devices, but I think it's safer to delete the devices first.