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Hometroller Zee S2 - HS4 upgrade steps

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    Hometroller Zee S2 - HS4 upgrade steps

    I have two Zee S2 systems. I upgraded one from HS3 to HS4 yesterday without issue, following the provided upgrade instructions. Each step completed with results expected, per the instructions, resulting in a successful HS3 to HS4 upgrade.

    Today, I am having problems upgrading my second Zee S2 to HS4. When I proceed to upgrade instruction Step 2: Update System, the Zee status light turns Blue, as expected. However, after about 10 minutes, the web browser page, which is waiting for a response from the Zee, times out. The light on the controller stays blue. It never completes with the results expected per the upgrade instructions. I tried to execute this step again, as the instructions state in case of an update failure, same result - timeout. Two more times yielded the same result.

    If you have experienced this, please let me know if/how you got around it to successfully complete the HS4 upgrade.

    BTW, HS3 is still operational, so nothing was disabled by this upgrade malfunction.

    Thanks in advance...


    I have the exact same problem. No response yet by Homeseer support.


      Does anyone know where this upgrade document is located now?


        I found this

        But I can't say whether it's the same content