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Solved: Time Zone not correct on Linux (HomeTroller Zee S2)

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    Solved: Time Zone not correct on Linux (HomeTroller Zee S2)

    After going into the "Setup" menu and setting the time zone info and pressing save, the from and to times always said: Location (Sunrise 3:26 PM Sunset 12:07 AM) Current Time: Thursday, January 28, 2021 4:23 AM. which was not correct. I am in the "Mountain" time zone.

    After reading other posts, I suspected the time zone in the Linux O/S was not set properly.

    To fix this, go to Tools/Linux/Linux Tools on the HomeSeer menu and login.

    User: homeseer
    Password: (Is the password, you first entered, when setting up your HomeSeer)

    I then entered my time zone using a Linux command. Here is the exact syntax to set my Zee S2 to "Mountain" time.

    sudo timedatectl set-timezone Canada/Mountain

    then press <Execute>

    Then reboot.

    =============================== More Information =============================

    5 examples:

    sudo timedatectl set-timezone Canada/Mountain
    sudo timedatectl set-timezone Canada/Eastern
    sudo timedatectl set-timezone US/Mountain
    sudo timedatectl set-timezone US/Eastern
    sudo timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York

    Below is a cut and paste of the the possible time zones you can use in the US, Canada and America separated by spaces.

    ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/US
    Alaska Arizona Eastern Hawaii Michigan Pacific Samoa
    Aleutian Central East-Indiana Indiana-Starke Mountain Pacific-New

    ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/Canada
    Atlantic Central Eastern Mountain Newfoundland Pacific Saskatchewan Yukon

    ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/America
    Adak Buenos_Aires Denver Halifax Managua Nipigon Regina Tegucigalpa
    Anchorage Cambridge_Bay Detroit Havana Manaus Nome Resolute Thule
    Anguilla Campo_Grande Dominica Hermosillo Marigot Noronha Rio_Branco Thunder_Bay
    Antigua Cancun Edmonton Indiana Martinique North_Dakota Rosario Tijuana
    Araguaina Caracas Eirunepe Indianapolis Matamoros Nuuk Santa_Isabel Toronto
    Argentina Catamarca El_Salvador Inuvik Mazatlan Ojinaga Santarem Tortola
    Aruba Cayenne Ensenada Iqaluit Mendoza Panama Santiago Vancouver
    Asuncion Cayman Fortaleza Jamaica Menominee Pangnirtung Santo_Domingo Virgin
    Atikokan Chicago Fort_Nelson Jujuy Merida Paramaribo Sao_Paulo Whitehorse
    Atka Chihuahua Fort_Wayne Juneau Metlakatla Phoenix Scoresbysund Winnipeg
    Bahia Coral_Harbour Glace_Bay Kentucky Mexico_City Port-au-Prince Shiprock Yakutat
    Bahia_Banderas Cordoba Godthab Knox_IN Miquelon Porto_Acre Sitka Yellowknife
    Barbados Costa_Rica Goose_Bay Kralendijk Moncton Port_of_Spain St_Barthelemy
    Belem Creston Grand_Turk La_Paz Monterrey Porto_Velho St_Johns
    Belize Cuiaba Grenada Lima Montevideo Puerto_Rico St_Kitts
    Blanc-Sablon Curacao Guadeloupe Los_Angeles Montreal Punta_Arenas St_Lucia
    Boa_Vista Danmarkshavn Guatemala Louisville Montserrat Rainy_River St_Thomas
    Bogota Dawson Guayaquil Lower_Princes Nassau Rankin_Inlet St_Vincent
    Boise Dawson_Creek Guyana Maceio New_York Recife Swift_Current

    I hope this helps someone else.


    This worked like a charm. Thank you!