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Can I add a UI (pixel or something) to my HS4-Pi system?

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    Can I add a UI (pixel or something) to my HS4-Pi system?

    I'm testing a HS4-Pi on my Raspberry Pi3 B+ and work it work properly.
    Connected to the Raspberry there is a Arduino Mega Board (mqqt communication with Raspberry).
    In order to update my sketch, I need do connect the Arduino Mega Board to m laptop, update and reconnect to raspy.
    I'd like to install an UI and VNC or something and Arduino IDE. In this way I could connect to Raspberry GUI and update directly the Arduino Board.
    So, Is it possible to add an GUI (Pixel or something) to HS4-Pi?
    Are there other way to flash Arduino by command line?




    Yes, but it seems to be an unpopular thing to do. I run a RPi 4 8GB in that configuration as my primary system.

    Roger D


      It seems as if you have installed Linux without a GUI (I.e. a lite version). If you start with a full up Linux desktop install then you should be able to use normal desktop tools such as Arduino IDE. If you need remote access to get a screen then something like VNC should give it to you.

      i have very limited experience with full Linux install and when I did it was Ubuntu. I also have only run Arduino IDE on Windows.

      I also believe that you should be able to edit, compile, and upload from a Linux command prompt without a GUI as ultimately what Arduino IDE is doing. Again, however I have no experience with this approach.