I recently installed HS4-PI on a PI4(2g). I had no errors either burning the image or during the initial registration process during the setup of HS. I was able to add my interface and a device with no problems. As I am new to HS I began exploring the HS Web UI. I was able to use all the menu items except the “SETUP” option and the “MANAGE USERS” options. If I click either of those the browser goes into a spinning “load page” mode and never does anything, no page is loaded, and worse no other menu item will work, though I can click and turn off/on the device I added. The only way I have found to recover from this is to SSH into the PI and reboot.
I reformatted a second SD card and burned the HS4-PI image again with no issue. Was able to boot and this time I SSH into the PI and ran upgrade and update. Again, go through the registration process cleanly. Still able to add interface and device no problem. Again, all menu items worked until I clicked on “SETUP” again sending the WEB UI into a spin that requires a reboot to recover from.
Then I went to the “Maintenance” section of find.homeseer.com, and ran update from there. Still same effect.
After trying two different 32g SD Cards, once including downgrading and trying on a PI3 I am at a loss.
Some specs.
Hardwired LAN
Licensed HS4-PI
Date/time=1/1/2022 11:43:57 AM MST
Version=HomeSeer HS4 Pi (Upg from HS3-Pi) Edition (Linux)
MONO Version=Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Mon Feb 22 17:44:05 UTC 2021)
Confguration File=/usr/local/HomeSeer/Data/HomeSeerData.json
Uptime=0 Days 22 Hours 10 Minutes 18 Seconds
Lan IP= (HS4PiV5)
Device Count=4
Event Count=0
Plugins Enabled=Z-Wave:,Z-Wave UI:
Modules/Threads=79 Modules, 42 Threads
Available Threads=399
HomeSeer Memory Used=106 Mbytes
Plugins Installed=Z-Wave,Z-Wave UI
Disk Size=29.54GB

The above info was just pulled from HS, I had not retried upgrading to (Linux) again.