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Email with gmail not working, or private domain - Solved!

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    You go to your Google email account profile, something in the middle that asks to add an app specific password. You click on it and enter the name of the application (this time HomeSeer), it will respond with some secret characters. Copy and paste them into the Password field in the email setup page in HS. I did it for Ipsume.


      This happened to me this morning. I don't think I've changed any email settings in HS3 in years and gmail just stopped working. Just a bunch of obtuse gobbledegook (redundant?) in the log.

      Anyway, after turning on 2FA and adding 'Homeseer' as a 3rd party app, then pasting their generated password into HS it started working again. I did not have to uncheck 'Use gmail'.

      What a PITA! I hate it when something that has been working for years just up and breaks. If it hadn't been posted in the forums I would never have been able to figure it out. So thanks for that!

      HS3, W10 Home, HSTouch, W800, Z-Stick+


        Oh man... i finally got this working. I was able to create an app password via the security settings ON the HS4 computer... but no where did it allow to 'name' the app password.

        Still seems to work though.

        Edit: I found it. wow... what an awful UX.


          The whole point of what Google is doing, is to try to end the practice of using "app passwords" to get around using 2FA. App passwords are simply not secure, and Google is pushing everyone to use 2FA now. Microsoft is also advocating to get rid of passwords entirely and use secure authentication methods.

          Some mainstream companies use "Sign in with Google" (or Sign in with Amazon, for that matter), and that mechanism is secure, because rather than use a password, it is generating encrypted tokens that only allow access to a specific service, like Gmail, not your entire Google account data.

          Google also protects you from people trying to read your app passwords by not allowing anyone, including you, to display your existing app passwords; the assumption is that a user can just generate new ones as needed and invalidate all the old ones.

          This is, as Martha Stewart would say, "a good thing".

          I use a IMAP email account from a web hosting provider (IONOS), which works fine with HS.


            Thanks very much for the solution.
            Just one final clarification, the password that you generate is pasted into the "Gmail Pass" field in the Email page in Setup (to replace the original password)


              What mmn said above ... no changes since HS2 became HS3 and then suddenly it does not work. Thanks to everyone in the forums that helps!


                Thanks - my email notifications haven't been working for months and I'd nearly given up on them. This got them working again!