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HS4 on Pi3 boot failure

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    HS4 on Pi3 boot failure

    Insteon user trying to get some items working with the software. Borrowed a Pi3 from a buddy, downloaded HS4PiV5-072621 and flashed a 64gb card with balenaEtcher.

    All boots as expected till I get to HomeSeer is starting.... then I get three more OK's with the third being "Started hold until boot process finished up" followed by Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 HS4PiV5 tty1 and then HS4PiV5 login: and the Native Crash Reporting.

    That info has UNKNOWN excuting native code with a usually a fatal error in the mono runtime.
    In the Telemetry Bumper I see a "Could not exec mono-hang-watchdog, expected path '/etc/../bin/mono-hang-wathdog (errno 2)

    I'm not a great linux or Pi expert so does anyone have some idea's?

    Can you connect to the device using using a Chrome web browser from your local LAN?
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      How much RAM does the Pi3 have? I've seen something similar when the Pi runs out of memory.
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