I have been running HS-3 since 2018 using a HS Smartstick. It works fine to operate HS dimmers, switches and a Dome water valve. I had it running on a Windows 10 standalone PC with no other programs or files on it. Recently this PC just stopped working and I, unfortunately had not backed it up, but I was able to remove the hard drive, attach it to my primary PC, and run HS-3 and do a backup. I am running HS-3 now on my primary PC (but want to move it to a standalone) to operate my events.

I decided to go with the PI G3 so I would not need a PC and can run local, so I got the PI and went through the installation process. Since HS-4 is resident, I got the HS-3 Zip config file and restored it to the PI, so I now have all of my devices and events listed on the PI, but even though the devices/events show visually they cannot be controlled, so I tried to include them using Z-Tool. I also have updated MYHS to this HS-4 version. The HS dimmers (14 of them) are supposed to be in the inclusion mode if the paddle is "tapped", but I have not be able to get any of them to go into include mode (they all operate fine with HS-3), instead I get this repeated error on Z-Tool (Activate the 'Add to Network' function on the device). Could this be a problem with the HS-3 Zip file restored to the PI? Or some other issue with the add/remove process?

I want to end up with only the PI, but want to continue HS-3 until able to do so. I am not an expert and have not even paid much attention to this since 2018 so any help is appreciated.