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Constant Rebooting - HS4 G2

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    Constant Rebooting - HS4 G2

    After 8 months of flawless operation, by Homeseer Pi has started randomly rebooting. Sometimes it is only a few minutes from the previous reboot, other times it will go for hours. I have looked at the log and there is nothing that shows oddly before I get the "HomeSeer was not shut down successfully the previous time it was started" message. After a few times of rebooting, the events file gets corrupted and I have to restore from backup.

    I have replaced the UBS power block and cable, but that did not change anything. I am running HomeSeerVersion Edition: HomeSeer HS4 Pi Hub G2 Lite.

    Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to fix this issue?

    Is it in a spot where heat could be building up and overheating the unit?

    HS4Pro on a Raspberry Pi4
    54 Z-Wave Nodes / 21 Zigbee Devices / 108 Events / 767 Devices
    Plugins: Z-Wave / Zigbee Plus / EasyTrigger / AK Weather / OMNI

    HSTouch Clients: 1 Android


      Corrupted SD card would be my first guess. Get a new, high quality card and make a duplicate of the sd card in the Pi.

      If it's only 8 months old, I'd call HST for a warranty claim.
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        rmasonjr and kenm, thank you for your responses.

        rmasonjr, It is not in a place that where it would get hot. It doesn't feel hot to the touch either.

        kenm, I hadn't thought about a corrupted card. I didn't know the SD cards in the G2 were replaceable. I will search on that.

        I could not find any information online about the standard warranty that comes with these Hometrollers. This version has been replaced by a newer one, so there is no information on their website. Wouldn't hurt for me to make a call to inquire.


          Check for possible under voltage too. SSH into your controller and enter the command dmesg at the command prompt. If that is the problem it will be highlighted there. A failing or under amperage power supply usually the cause


            Thank you for the response concordseer. I was not able to SSH into the unit. I tried every username/password combination tied to the unit and could not get in. I went ahead and ordered a newer version of the Hometroller Lite and used the power cord that came with it, but did not change anything. I went ahead and swapped out the units so my house would be up and running again.

            When I have time, I will try replacing the SD Card to see if that was the issue. I'll post the results here.


              OK, it looks like the SD card was the culprit. I purchased a new Samsung SD Card and that stopped the constant rebooting. I can now also SSH into the unit and it is functioning as it should. Thank you guys for all the suggestions. Now I have a fully functioning backup unit should I need it.