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    I think it would be great if HST would add an abstraction layer between the physical device and it's output values. Make it easier to replace devices without having to fix events and HSTouch.

    It would also be very useful if devices had a set of user defined "sanity checks" and a flag if the device value isn't sane or hasn't been updated in a user defined period. For example, stop temperature devices from going from 90 degrees to 0 degrees from one update to the next. I've been bitten many times by "garbage in, garbage out".

    It would also be nice if you could export and import device configurations (status graphics/value configurations) even if only for virtual devices.


      Originally posted by jon00 View Post

      How about this?
      I did not know of the existence of this tool. I just installed it and found that it is pretty sweet. Thanks. Donation in process.


        A weather plugin officially supported by HS


          Getting my bugs fixed...


            1. Run as a service natively via a setting.
            2. Run on startup natively via a setting.
            3. Minimize to system tray natively via a setting.
            4. An Update to HSTouch that includes scaling the work area to fit your screen if desired.
            5. Better HSTouch iframe support for displaying web content that doesn't require a registry hack to allow modern sites to be displayed like google traffic.
            6. HSTouch ability to show cameras when not using the default theme.
            7. Give us back the event condition "Has been ON/OFF for at least xx:xx:xx amount of time".
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