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HS-634 - mono-vbnc deprecated

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    Originally posted by jon00 View Post

    Rich has fixed the mono issue in a test beta:
    I missed this one. What have he done?


      According to that link, it's G14 classified


        So.. changed all vbnc to vbc in those files and tested it on my machine... it works. I do not know if they will approve ..

        best solution would be if hs4 change its call.


          Any update on this issue as of July 16 2023 ? I.e. is mono-vbnc still required or can I safely skip it. The HS4 installation instructions still say to add mono-vbnc which I would prefer not to do. Is there a command I could use to test if vbnc is needed?

          I did a search for mono-vbnc it is no longer offer on the microsoft site. And I can't find it on github.

          I'm running AlmaLinux 9 (RedHat 9 clone) so there is also no mono vbnc package.


            For anyone else trying to track down mono-vbnc, the following instructions work even on debian 12.


            After adding the new repo following the instructions in the link, you can get the mono-devel as well as mono-vbnc packages.

            As a side note, isn't it about time for HS to move beyond mono and migrate to a supported version of .net? dotnet6 and dotnet8 are really robust and actually supported.