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    Yeelight Bulbs

    I have been looking all over for an article on the yeelight bulbs. I first tried the HS3 (previously loaded) and I got 2 of each bulb that came in after converting to HS4. None of those devices controlled the on/off. I shut down the PI and deleted all devices. I then re-enabled the PI and the bulbs came in but again there is no control.

    Is the Yeelight bulbs included in HS4 or are they not usable yet? thanks

    Odd I'm using 5 or so of them without much issue. Under the plugin and discovered devices they are all showing as off right now even though they are on... I also have a duplicate "control" object. I upgraded from HS3 in early public beta. Let me know if you need any details that might help. Love the bulbs just wish they would do more fitments like a GU10 etc.


      I can control them in the app, but as you said they don't show when they are actually on. I have 6 of them and they are all with the same problem. Maybe staff Rupp can tell us if this is on their list to look at.

      Also I am getting duplicate devices. There is a group of devices (first pic) and then there are single devices for every device that is in the group. (pic 2) Pic 2 is just one of them to keep this smaller.

      Click image for larger version

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        I have the same problem.