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HS4 Beta (4.2 Beta) is available

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  • Jo
    Tried updating from to previously but failed.

    Update from to which appeared to implement but at about 60 seconds to go reverts back to

    The only changes I have made to HS4 is change country from US to UK.

    Rpi3 running from SD card and Z-Wave plug-in, two virtual devices which switch between day and night at sunset/sunrise.



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  • rjh
    started a topic HS4 Beta (4.2 Beta) is available

    HS4 Beta (4.2 Beta) is available

    Changes in

    This release is a Beta release of 4.2 and is posted for you to try out and give feedback. The goal of this release was to clean up the UI and make the system easier to use. See the release notes for a full list of changes.


    * For the grid view you can now specify which features you want to display on the grid, up to 2 features with controls and up to 5 status only features
    * In the device properties the features tab allows you to rearrange the features display order, select whether a feature is to be displayed or not, or hidden
    * When clicking on a device in grid view it brings up a list view of all features so they can be controlled or edited. This is the same view as the devices list view
    * Colors of buttons have been changed and are now consistent
    * New pop-up message dialogs
    * New checking for saved changes and warned if leaving a page or tab with unsaved changes
    * You can hide Beta plugins on the plugins page
    * In the device properties the Save/Cancel buttons now float so no scrolling is needed to save changes
    * New layout for device properties
    * New layout for backup/restore page
    * New setup wizard that walks a new user through setting up the system

    Known Issues:

    * On first startup after installing this version you may see some errors in the log when plugins start. After startup has completed restart your system and the errors should be gone.

    Full list of changes is here: Release Notes

    As with all BETA software, please make sure you do a full backup of your system in case you need to go back for any reason!

    Changes in

    * Fixed log not displaying properly (broken in
    * Added buttons in setup to display release notes

    Changes in

    * The older HS3 interfaces page has been restored. This was removed in For now, we are not removing the older HS3 pages as some are used by existing HS3 utilities.


    Before installing any Beta it is a good idea to back up your system!

    * You can install this Beta from within HS4, just go to the General page in Setup (Windows or Linux)

    If you would like to manually install the Windows version, the installer is here:

    The Linux tar file is here: