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Moving license from one computer to another

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    Moving license from one computer to another

    I currently have HS4 Pro running on my computer (windows).

    I would like to move it from my computer to a dedicated computer (linux).

    I would still only have one instance of HS4 running.

    My question is in regard to the license. Is the license transferable from one computer to another computer?

    I have bought a lot of plugins, and I would not be happy buying a new license for HS4 and all the plugins too.

    Thank you



    The license is transferable...say is if your device fails and is long as you have a backup you are good to go!
    The rules for HSx and HSx Pro, the same license applies for both Linux and Windows for as long as you use the license on one machine only
    • When you covert to Linux, you will only loose out on plug-ins that are not yet supported on Linux (so check if your plug-ins are covered)
    You can also buy another license if you want for your second home and as for for the plug-ins, they work across machines (they are linked to your account and also called upon when you transfer)
    • Once you have your Linux system running simply use the Backup/Restore features to update the new system. When all is OK, should you then go ahead and decommission the old system and connect the new one to MyHS services.

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    Note : The above only applies to a license you purchased for Software only product, if otherwise seek further assistance from HomeSeer (HST)

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