I have a Z-Wave Greenwave mains power switch that I use to power my RoboMower out in the garden shed.

I have a couple of virtual devices setup that used the actual Watts being drawn to tell me when the Robomower was mowing (2w), charging (30w) or just being idle (0.2w) in its dock.

Since upgrading to HS4 v4.2.2.0 and v4.2.4.0 I'm not seeing this device, or another identical one used for something else, being polled in the log for any power usage at all.

I've (re)enabled polling on all of the device/subdevices in case it was a bug and even excluded and reincluded the device back into HS4 to freshen it up.
Still says 0 watts in use and a total of 0 KWH used.

The "Log Poll and Wake-Up Messages" setting is checked in the Z-Wave controller management as well.

This has been working fine prior to the Beta so I'm fairly sure it's not a hardware problem.

Any suggestions anyone?