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HS4 Beta is available!

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    HS4 Beta is available!

    This build is being posted for testing and feedback. See the release notes for changes. This build includes some bug fixes and new features.

    If there are no significant issues with this build we will make this the next official public release.

    Biggest change in this release is that HS4 can now be run as a service on Windows. Please read the documentation on how to install and operate the service before you install. The docs are here:

    See the release notes for all changes:

    Release Notes


    Before installing any Beta it is a good idea to back up your system! Run the backup from the tools menu. On Windows you can simply copy the HS4 folder to another folder. Just copy it back if needed.

    * You can install this Beta from within HS4, just go to the General page in Setup (Windows or Linux)

    If you would like to manually install the Windows version, the installer is here:

    The Linux tar file is here, or install from setup:

    Reverting to a previous version on Windows:

    Uninstall HS4 (it will not remove any config files, plugins, etc.). Then install your previous version and install into the same folder as your previous install.

    Reverting to a previous version on Linux:

    On the PI-HUB/ZEE S2/SEL or your own Linux install. You can simply re-install the release version from setup.
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    Issues Addressed:
    HS-1486 InputView content lost when SelectListView changed
    HS-393 Request to run HS4 as a Windows Service
    HS-1475 GetJuiDeviceConfigPage being called twice
    HS-1483 Devices created using script buttons are not appearing in event actions
    HS-1484 Linux command Restart System displays incorrect dialog
    💁‍♂️ Support & Customer Service 🙋‍♂️ Sales Questions 🛒 Shop HomeSeer Products