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Set time zone, and unable to control Insteon devices

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    Set time zone, and unable to control Insteon devices

    Due to the Insteon shutdown, I just purchased the HomeSeer HomeTroller Plus Smart Home Hub and have installed the Insteon plugin. I plan on migrating to new devices over time, but for now, I just want control of my Insteon devices back.

    I have successfully added the Insteon hub, and have been able to add a couple of Insteon devices (a wall dimmer switch and a plug-in module).

    But I have a couple of issues I need help with:
    1. How do I set the time in HomeSeer? I have set the location to my city (Phoenix), but it still shows the time zone as Eastern so the clock is 3 hours ahead of my local time. I can’t find any place to set the time zone (and tell it Arizona doesn’t change for Daylight Saving Time).
    1. I have added a few Insteon devices as mentioned above. HomeSeer found them and reports the communication as good. But when I go to the “Devices” tab in HS4, clicking “on” or “off” doesn’t change the status of the device. The HS4 log shows that the command was issued (see below) but nothing happens. I can still control the device thru Home Assistant which I tried before buying HomeSeer.
    Device: Plugin Hall Hall Wall - Root Hall Wall to On (101) by/from: CAPI Control Handler

    Any help would be appreciated.