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    My Plan

    Good afternoon All, I have several computers and tablets around the house.
    I use one of the computers to enter devices and scenes, my question, how can I access the devices and scenes, from other computers, from different locations.

    On your local network, you should be able to browse to the IP of your HS server from any phone, tablet or computer. You can also type then click on the hyperlink for your system.

    Click image for larger version

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    HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon


      Hi !

      I think your question needs specifications. Not sure if you mean simple
      access or json access calls.

      I guess by scene you mean events.

      If you only meant to get simple hs4 acess from another computer, write down the ip number used by your hs machine , and the port used by the webserver in a browser. If you never changed the port, it is 80 by default, and if it is 80 no need to write the port.

      You can used that address if you have myhs enabled
      to find the hostname (in short this is a human readable name of you computer ip) of your hs4 server. I never used that so I am not sure what will be the output (edit see randy’s output)

      From another pc write the ip of hs4 in a browser url bar (change the ip accordingly)

      with port number other than 80:

      As a start you can also try to acess hs4 from the server itselft with this ip (wich is localhost by default): (same as localhost) (same as localhost:8080


        Ok like randy said !! Haha