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  • Controlling Distant Devices advise

    Hi All,
    I have powered gate, and some lights that I would like to control with Homeseer from my house. The issue is that the gate and electrical box for it is about 320' from my house. I dont want to run underground cables as there are lots of trees along the way. I am considering installing a z-wave hub in the electrical box at the gate, and connecting it to my network via power line network/homeplug. There is a power cable run from my main breaker box to the sub-box at the gate. I would run the power line network from the main breaker box to the sub-box.
    I cant think of a better way to do it other than putting cables in the ground or a point to point Wifi antenna which would not look aesthetically pleasing.
    Any other ideas?


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    What about Insteon. It uses the power line which you have running to the gate.


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      Using a power line adapter at the gate, that would get you a connection out there. Then using a Global Cache IP2IR relay device you could activate your gate operator.

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        I have done it two ways. One with IP over powerline. Many adapters available. In this case I use We control that has a variety of UP.

        The second is RD using LoRa. ESP32 microcontroller with multiple UP choices.

        Some DOT hookup in both cases.


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          I think what Cowinger was referencing was some type of powerline comms relay controlled by (Insteon Plugin?).


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            Originally posted by tome10 View Post
            I think what Cowinger was referencing was some type of powerline comms relay controlled by (Insteon Plugin?).
            Yes, there are several insteon devices that can handle motors and they can be controlled by the HS insteon plugin. If we knew more about what exactly it would take to control the gate that would help. Lights are no problem with insteon.


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              The power line relay is simple. Do you need to know if the gate is open or closed before pulsing relay?

              For my Wi-Fi garage door opener I use Sonoff ESP8266 to accept the open-close command and if door is already in the desired position then it does not pulse the relay.


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                Thanks for all of the great feedback. Do you know what the range is for Insteon?

                The reason I avoided Insteon is because I have a couple of online UPSs in my house and those tend to inherently attenuate/filter anything on the power line except 60hz, just by being plugged in. My Homeseer computer is pretty far in the house from the power panel am afraid the signal quality will wont make it to the gate.

                I know this sounds convoluted but I planned on putting a WIFI to ethernet bridge, connected to powerline which will make it to the gate, then a Zwave hub in the gate.

                So the signal will go from my Homeseer computer to Wifi, from Wifi to ethernet via the bridge, from ethernet to powerline via the homeplug , out to the gate and then to z-wave. I know I know...not ideal.
                I am just trying to figure a more elegant solution.

                I also planned to use the Global cache relay controller to do what I needed. I just need to simulate button pushes for the gate controller, which will handle all of the motor controls.

                Thanks again for the help.

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                  I did something similar by installing a Z-Net out at the gate, connected over a Ubiquiti bridged Access Point. Then I used a MIMOlite to control the gate through the normal Homeseer panel. I had several other devices at the location, so this was cost effective for me.


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                    I am leaning that direction, using a wifi bridge. I think I can somewhat hide the antenna. Thanks again for everyones input. It really helped.