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    I just switched to Altice One from Optimum. With the tuner, modem and router all in one box, the box ended up in the living room. My main command center is about 10ft away so one RJ45 went from the cable box router to the network switcher. However now, all the other RJ45s also go to the back of daisy chained network switchers.

    Now if my cable box goes down for whatever reason I do not lose any network connections. I can't get to the internet, but HS3, two z-nets, an RPI3 with a raspbee and another PC still communicate as if nothing went wrong. Of course they're all hardwired and anything that's WIFI will not function until the cable comes back up but that's it. As an added benefit, I installed an Aeotec wall switch on the cable box power supply and I can even force a reset of the cable box.

    To some this has been known but to me I feel like I took a major step toward a more reliable network.
    If this was the wrong place to post this, please let me know and I'll move the post.