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Problem defining settings for Webhook Notifications plugin

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  • Problem defining settings for Webhook Notifications plugin


    I'm having a problem defining settings. They just revert to blanks and I'm having this error in log:
    warn: System.MissingMethodException: System.Func`5System.Net.Http.HttpClientHandler.get_DangerousAcceptAnyServerCertificateValidator() at HSPI_WebHookNotifications.HSPI.PostBackProc (System.String pageName, System.String data, System.String user, System.Int32 userRights) [0x000f3] in <50c2843d36d04fe5b8981e50b22445c9>:0
    I do realize, that it's probably not caused by any plugin specifics, since I use quite unortodox setup for controller (OpenSUSE on quite old hardware), but the thing is:
    1. It worked just fine before I reinstalled the system from a scratch (because hdd malfunction)
    2. All the rest including Z-Wave plugin works just fine.
    3. If I remember it right, last time I've set it up plugin was in previous version

    What I noticed is that there's a new setting option concerning safe/unsafe connections and I see something similar in error message.
    Do I lack some mono library with needed function?