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Problem defining settings for Webhook Notifications plugin

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  • Problem defining settings for Webhook Notifications plugin


    I'm having a problem defining settings. They just revert to blanks and I'm having this error in log:
    warn: System.MissingMethodException: System.Func`5System.Net.Http.HttpClientHandler.get_DangerousAcceptAnyServerCertificateValidator() at HSPI_WebHookNotifications.HSPI.PostBackProc (System.String pageName, System.String data, System.String user, System.Int32 userRights) [0x000f3] in <50c2843d36d04fe5b8981e50b22445c9>:0
    I do realize, that it's probably not caused by any plugin specifics, since I use quite unortodox setup for controller (OpenSUSE on quite old hardware), but the thing is:
    1. It worked just fine before I reinstalled the system from a scratch (because hdd malfunction)
    2. All the rest including Z-Wave plugin works just fine.
    3. If I remember it right, last time I've set it up plugin was in previous version

    What I noticed is that there's a new setting option concerning safe/unsafe connections and I see something similar in error message.
    Do I lack some mono library with needed function?

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    This plugin searches for the configuration file in the following order:
    1. File defined by the environment variable WEBHOOK_NOTIFY_CONFIG.
    2. at the user's home directory. Typically it's the go user's home directory (/var/go).
    3. present at the CRUISE_SERVER_DIR environment variable location.

    You can find the details on where and how to setup environment variables for GoCD here.

    Minimalistic configuration would be something like:

    stage.status.endpoint.1= stage.status.endpoint.2= agent.status.endpoint.1= agent.status.endpoint.2= # This is useful in environments where the endpoints can be completely trusted. # It is a terrible idea to use this to connect to public HTTPS endpoints. # Set this to true at your own risk. trust.all.https=false
    You don't need to configure any agent or stage webhooks/endpoints, or provide any other settings, but a configuration file must be present for the plugin to function. Please note that you do not need to restart the GoCD server when you update this file, it will be reloaded automatically for the next notification.

    I hope this helps!