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Script or Plugin to Query Router for active MAC?

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  • Script or Plugin to Query Router for active MAC?

    Does anyone have a reliable script/plugin to query a router for a MAC address to see if its connected? I think this is a more reliable way to ensure a device is actually in the vicinity.

    I used to run a script on the ASUS router to tell my Vera when a MAC connected but was hoping for something on the HS3 side so I didnt need to mess with the router directly.


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    Easiest way would be to 'fing' your network via CLI tool. It can look for specific MAC addresses, or discover entire network automatically.


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      The Ultramon plugin will do what you want, and more.
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        That's a basic feature of the MeiUnifi plugin with a Unifi router, but alone not likely worth an equipment swap.


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          Jon's Network monitoring utility will also see all of the MAC addresses on your network.

          I use it here to manage the 15 Wintel touchscreens (years now) running in embedded Windows.

          Long math way you can scan the network and write the scan to a text file or utilize Syslog and aux Syslog plugins.

          Here have a Fing box and it is a nice product. I do not utilize it today but was involved in development of said product a while ago pro bono.

          Base group was from Italy and had offices in the UK for development of said product. Manufacturing was done and managed in Taiwan by a peer who did the same thing for the Securifi Almond Plus devices which I was also involved in (asked to help by founder of Securifi who also was involved with the Ubiquti company).
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            If you have an access point system that allows access to the data through the API, such as Meraki, Aerohive, Aruba, or Ruckus, this is the recommended method of retrieving WiFi Usage information. Even though router plugins are difficult to access nowadays, they offer the most consistent and reliable solution. Data is collected as long as your Access Points are up, which should be all the time. Router plugins are also becoming the only scanning solution in some cases as Client Isolation Mode becomes more popular.