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TCP connection to an Ethernet controlled Projector

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  • TCP connection to an Ethernet controlled Projector

    Hello, does anyone know a way I can send some hex data over the ethernet connection of HS3 to control a JVC projector? I have used hercules windows tool to test that the commands are working with JVC projector but now I want to automate in HS3. Is there a plugin that allows me to establish a TCP connection with a local IP and then send HEX data? I am happy to explain more details if needed.

    Thank you

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    There's a free plugin for TCP connections here:
    HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
    Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


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      Thank you for pointing that out. I was able to install and read instructions. However, I could not figure out how to establish a TCP connection. If you know how, that would be great.
      I configured a connection by entering IP address and port on which to connect with projector. Next, I configured some commands but that is where I think I am failing.

      The required procedure for turning on a JVC projector consists of 4 steps.
      1. establish a TCP connection. It is described as "standard TCP/IP Three-Way Handshake". I believe it is, host send SYN; Projector sens SYN-ACK; host sends ACK.
      2. host sends a string "PJREQ"
      3. host sends a decimal value "115"
      4. host sends a hex string of "21 89 01 50 57 31 0A"

      I tried to configure these commands but i failed. Can someone please help me to figure out how to configure above commands for this plugin?

      Thank you


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        Have you thought about controlling with IR commands? Global Cache can learn IR commands .

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          JVC projector support PJLINK Protocol?

          If yes i control my epson projector with Nodered and Mqtt.



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            Thanks for the IR suggestion but I am aware of this approach. The wiring is not convenient to make this happen. I have an Ethernet port right next to the projector for this purpose and JVC DLA-X30 supports all necessary commands via TCP. For example, Crestron controller implements this TCP connection to control the JVC. But, I am using HomeSeer and figure there should be a way to send these simple TCP messages.
            No, I am not aware that JVC supports PJLINK protocol. It is a 6 years old projector so IoT maybe too early for this model. But I am not totally sure.
            I just know that I have tried a windows app called Hercules and it is able to establish a TCP connection and send the message strings exactly as intended. Works great but it is a manual test application. I can not automate this app.
            So, I was hoping something like Big5 plugin or telnet to be used in HomeSeer. This is what I am looking for.