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HomeSeer as a UI layer. receive and send ASCII and JSON

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  • HomeSeer as a UI layer. receive and send ASCII and JSON

    Hello everybody, I'm new here and am looking forward to working with HomeSeer

    I've got a client who wants a plugin for HomeSeer. I know nothing about HomeSeer and he is aware of it.

    I seek your help to keep me on the right path. The second problem is that I can not VB.NET but C# I am good at. It should not be a problem,
    I can probably figure it out. but if you have the choice to help me in C# I appreciate it.

    The task is that I need to use the HomeSeer as a UI layer.
    I need it to receive and send two languages ASCII and JSON.
    It will receive commands that will then switch state of a device in the UI.
    If you switch state of a device in HomeSeer, it should then send ASCII or JSON back.

    I am aware that HomeSeer can receive JSON so here are some of the problem solved, I hope.

    I hope you can help me to get started.

    Best regards,
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    HS won't be able to just send JSON data based on a value change. You would have to invoke it from the client side. A plugin implements a callback where every device change is picked up immediately by the plugin. You also get much more flexibility out of a plugin with your own actions, triggers and conditions. Also, you can encapsulate your web ui in the plugin itself.
    Just something to think about.

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      rmasonjr Thanks for the answer.

      Where would you say I have to start making a plugin in visual studio?
      And do you know of some good tutorials? I've tried to find some without much success, a bit of code here and there.