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    I'm just trying Homeseer to see if it works in my house and it's not going as well as I would have hope. I'm getting very poor network range (less than 9 metres between nodes) and strange optimization reports. I've ran optimization a few times and also tried full optimation but get the report shown below. How is it possible that nodes 4 and 6 both have node 7 as a neighbor but node 7 only reports node 4 as a neighbor (node 6 is in the room below node so about 4 metres away)? I'm using a UZB interface if that's relevant.

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    The only thing I can recommend is to make sure the Z-Wave antenna is mounted high. Also, play with the orientation - vertical, horizontal, etc.
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      Here have my RPi2 / Z-Wave GPIO card mounted in the attic of a two story home and connected via POE.

      Works well this way.
      - Pete

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        Are your zwave devices wired in or battery operated? This can make a difference to a mesh network, battery operated devices don't act as repeaters to pass on the signal. Also are they the new z wave plus type?

        I'm new to HomeSeer and just switched from smartthings zigbee to zwave plus using aeotec zwave usb and multisensors all z wave plus. I'll have it all up and running next week so I'll let you know what range issues I come across.

        With smartthings I couldn't get the plug outlets to extend the zigbee range even after resetting the hub to reroute the nodes. One sensor in my shed about 25m away from the hub just wouldn't work properly so made my alarm system redundant. I have the problem where I could only have my hub next to the router so interference was probably a factor plus fridge microwave, fusebox etc in kitchen between hub and shed won't of helped either. Zwave shouldn't really be as affected.

        Might have a dodgy usb stick, try same brand or different to eliminate that factor.
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          Originally posted by johnla View Post
          I'm using a UZB interface if that's relevant.
          Hi johnla, if your nearest z-wave mains powered device is not close to your UZB, then you could try putting the UZB on a usb extension lead to get it away from the pc (I'm assuming you are running HS3 on a pc). If your pc has a metal case, then it could seriously reduce the range and directional capability of the UZB stick if it is just plugged in to the back of the pc.


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            So I've now got my setup up and running. I get the same issue with optimisation, neighbours not showing on certain nodes. Everything communicates how it should but I have random delays between my motion sensors and lights. Sometimes works perfectly, others times not so well. Bit frustrating as this is the reason I switched from smartthings although the delays were never this frequent.

            I've disabled polling to reduce network traffic, utilised report groups so I only update lux and temperature readings when I need, also used thresholds to prevent minor changes flooding the system with reports (I'm using Aeon Multisensor 6). Everything usb powered, a door sensor is battery powered but the events are always instant that's it's involved in.

            The log shows the events triggering at the same second as the device report used to trigger the event so I'm a bit lost as to why.

            My Aeon z stick in my raspberry pi is about 3 meters away from the first sensor (bottom of stairs). Up some stairs is a cluster of 3 sensors within a meter of each other and 8 meter away from the pi is a smart plug in the kitchen to extend the range to my shed another 5 meter away with another sensor and a popp outdoor siren. Don't think I need the smartplug s this tends to have random neighbours on each optimisation and the sensor in the shed shows no neighbours although the events run perfectly (furthest away from usb). The popp siren is not 500 series, solar powered and has neighbours to every node in the system yet does not show up as a neighbour in any other node. Again the events with the alarm all work perfectly.

            I'm baffled


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              Everything communicates how it should but I have random delays between my motion sensors and lights.
              I recently had timing issues with Homeseer and an event controlling my AV equipment with IR and z-wave (Sky HD/ AV amp/ projector/ motorised screen etc). The HS3 event would fail in many different ways. After rebuilding my Z-wave network and hitting the same problem, I tried covering a Aeon Gen 6 sensor that lives in the same room. Everything has been 100% since I did that. I can only assume that the Gen 6 sensor blocks the z-wave network with motion detection messages at the time that HS3 is attempting to send out event control commands.


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                Ah you maybe onto something there. I'm going to try a different approach to my events regarding the lights. Currently I use an event for on and off when the sensor is set to motion and no motion, using the pir parameter configuration to control the time the light is on. So now I'll try using another event to turn the light off after a delay once the light on event has been triggered and adjust the pir parameter to be say 2 seconds (instead of minutes) to see if this makes a difference, worse or better.


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                  My Zwave network has always been very reliable. I have an HS smartstick+ as the primary transceiver for my Zwave network. I have some 35 Zwave devices, 253 total devices, 134 total events, 4 custom scripts, and 8 timers. My system runs about 78 MB of RAM. I have 5 plugins, 44 modules and 57 threads (399 available).

                  I run HS3 standard for Linux on a self built Raspbian Jessie lite build. I have kept the OS as lite as possible to ensure that I don't bog it down.

                  My house is a wood framed, ranch style single story house. My USB transceiver is setup in the center of my house in the basement. One of my goals when starting was to fill in my Zwave network with repeating powered devices as close to my transceiver as possible as I was worried about the mesh network and all the hopping. To that end, I have Zwave switches directly above and beside my root transceiver. After moving to Zwave plugin I have found that all my devices list the root device as the next hop (this is really good).

                  In general practice, I try to steer away from delays and waits in my events as delays keep the thread locked and waits are not accurate for longer than a minute. I prefer to use timers in these cases. Remember that you should not have HS3 configured to create devices for timers in tools-setup-general.

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