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corrupt BLLAN Database?

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  • corrupt BLLAN Database?

    I had some issues with my HS installation due to a power failure today. It looks like I have it mostly fixed now, except for the BLLAN plugin.
    I just started using this plugin yesterday. I configured 8 devices and they were working fine. Today I had to restore my HS config from a copy yesterday before BLLAN was installed and configured. So the HS devices don't exist anymore for the BLLAN devices.
    On the plugin status tab, I have the list of devices I configured yesterday, but they're all mostly blank. I'm seeing everything except the room as not specified. They have no names, no address, no HS device and no status. But they do have a room.
    In the devices tab, there's no entries listed, but at the bottom it says "total computers: 8".
    I am also still getting the email notifications when these devices come online and offline.
    I don't really care if I can't fix what's there. But I need to figure out how to clear out what's in there so I can start over. What can I do to clean this up and start over?

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    nevermind. I found it.

    Back when I was migrating my HS installation to a new VM, I had installed HS3 into the "Program Files" folder rather than the "Program Files (x86)" folder. I subsequently installed it in the right place. I was searching the wrong folder for the settings file. When I looked in the right folder, I found the INI file and was able to edit it to remove the computer records.

    Chalk it up to a user who knows just enough to be dangerous.