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Problem with BLAN seeing notebook

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    Problem with BLAN seeing notebook

    Bob, I have a BBLAN device configured for to look at the only VPN address I allow DDWRT's VPN server to issue. This works 100% on my cell phone. BBLAN tells me the IP is active. It does not work when I connect to the same VPN & IP using a Windows XP based notebook but as I recall it had worked in the past. This is readily repeatable.

    Is there anything you know of that could be cloaking BBLANs ability to see the connection? Remotely while connected to the VPN on the notebook I open the CMD and ping the VPN IP and it gives a good result 0 packet lost.

    I do not have MAC addresses configured for VPN because it could be any one of 3 or 4 devices that may use the VPN.

    I have a feeling it is something hidden in the BBLAN database due to re-creating devices after they went missing. I have several BBLAN devices so I hesitate to rebuild it yet again. Can the configuration file be edited manually?


    I cannot think of anything that would be blocking it
    BLLAN just does a ping of the ip addresses that you setup in the plugin

    You can edit the hspi_BLLAN.ini file in the config folder
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