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Small bug in BLLAN

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  • Small bug in BLLAN

    I think I've found a small bug in the plugin. If I set the name of a computer being tracked in the plugin, and then change the name in the Homeseer device listing, the plugin loses the ability to track the device. Changing the name back again (in Homeseer) makes the device visible again to the plugin.

    It seems you should either have device name changes in Homeseer flow back to the plugin, or - if thids is difficult - provide a warning to users not to change the device names in Homeseer, only in the plugin setup page.

    Hope this is helpful.


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    Yes it has always behaved this way - it is one of the plugins I still need to update
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      No problem - it's pretty easy to discover the problem and figure out why its happening, and then the solution is obvious.

      A quick question regarding BLLAN: I'd like to monitor about 25 devices. If I set each one to be checked every 10 minutes, will that overload either the network or the HS3 PC? I ask because it seems to take a few seconds to run a ping test in DOS (per device), which seemed incredibly slow to me given that it only takes a or 2 milliseconds for the packet to travel.