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Computer disappeared from BLLAN config page

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  • Computer disappeared from BLLAN config page

    I created a computer in BLLAN yesterday. (I already had 3, which still work fine) It is a IP camera, not sure if that should make any difference though. Looking at the device today, it is stuck at 7 mins and a few seconds online, the time is not moving. Looking at the BLLAN config page, I can see Just A3, Mike S6 and google devices. Then I can see what must be the one I created yesterday, but no IP, and I cannot edit the device at all

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    Can you confirm that the computer exists in the hspi_BLLAN.ini file in the config folder
    If it is in the INI file then restart the plugin and see if it shows up
    If not then turn on debug logging and load the computers web page, then turn off debug logging and attach the BLLAN-Detailed.log zipped so I can see what is happening
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      The computer is in the .ini file, and stopping and restarting the PI did not solve the problem.

      Here is the log
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        Any idea of what I could do ? Should I try deleting the IP from the ini, then try adding it again ?


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          Have the same problem with the plugin running on HS4 beta. But in my case all computers disappear. Installed plugin version

          Update; re added all computers and it's now working fine. Seems like the problem occurs after changing device location. I'll just stick with default locations for now great plugin BTW.


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            Same issue here. If I change my Location 2 in HS4, the computer disappears and no longer monitors. Can this plugin be updated to support HS4?