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Status and Value doesn't update

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  • Status and Value doesn't update


    I'm using BLLAN with HS3Pro version

    When looking at the advanced tab of a device I see this:

    Status 0 = OFF
    Value 0
    String Online For 1 hrs, 41 mins, 47 secs

    Since the BLLAN trigger is using Value, I'm not getting any triggers activating when a device is going off/on-line.

    What do I need to do to get Value to update?

    thanks in advance

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    I will have to check when I am home tonight but I think the device value should be updating
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      Originally posted by Blade View Post
      I will have to check when I am home tonight but I think the device value should be updating
      I just noticed this as well. Old devices created on older versions of the plug-in still work fine. I just created three new devices today and they did not create status text, values, graphics and there are no options on triggering the device.

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      Randy Prade
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        Same here. I created new devices and can't get the trigger to work for the event. I see the Value going from 100 to 0 when the modem goes offline, but HS3 never runs the remainder of the event. Also, as Randy posted, I only see "custom value or value range", "any value", "Invalid or Error State" in my dropdown. What list of items should appear in that pull-down? Has anyone found a workaround for this?
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          Any update?

          The only way I can get an action from BLLAN is when I set it to "ANY Value." I've tried all values including "100" for ON but that does not work. I'm hoping there is an easy fix for this. I really need a value to represent a true "ON" not just something changed.

          Thanks for the help!
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            Any update on this ?


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              Originally posted by kriz83 View Post
              Any update on this ?
              I now get updated value status's.
              0 = Off
              100 = On

              One thing I was doing was changing the "Device Type (String)" in the advance tab for the BLLAN device. I now leave it set to "BLLAN Plug-In Device." I also updated the plugin at the same time. So I'm not sure if it was that or some updated fix.

              Never the less, it all works great now.