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BLLAN, HS3 Pro (Linux) on Rasp-Pi2 crash

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  • BLLAN, HS3 Pro (Linux) on Rasp-Pi2 crash

    Hi Bob,

    Just an FYI, I'm testing HS3 Linux on a R-Pi2 and have BLLAN installed. It has been running for several weeks without incident, but I found the following in my log this morning:
    Aug-02 21:12:11	 	BLLAN start	BLLAN plug-in has been initialized
    Aug-02 21:12:05	 	BLLAN start	BLLAN version is:
    Aug-02 21:12:05	 	BLLAN start	Initializing BLLAN...
    Aug-02 21:12:05	 	Info		Plugin BLLAN has connected. IP:
    Aug-02 21:12:03	 	Warning		I/O interface BLLAN is down, executable is not running, restarting ...
    Aug-02 21:11:48	 	Info		Plugin BLLAN with instance: has disconnected
    Nothing in the log prior to this event gives any indication that something is wrong.

    I've turned on debug logging and will post if I uncover anything.
    Best regards,

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