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    The BLRouterMonitor Plug-in for HomeSeer allows the user to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic on their router. It will also allow event triggers to be added to act on the router logging. This plug-in is written in VB .Net 2.0 and requires Homeseer Version 2.1.0 or later.
    • View various reports on the router log activity in your router that will help you determine the volume your router is actually processing.
    • Supports router related triggers and actions in HomeSeer Events. For example, you could set up a HomeSeer Event that would speak if a sepcific computer on the network visited a certain web site.
    • Reports can be generated within HomeSeer Actions and can also be emailed to a specific email address.
    • Allows computers to be added to the plugin and maintains the status of the computers in HomeSeer devices. A notification email can also be sent out when a computer comes online or goes offline.
    • Specify alert messages for certain port numbers.
    • Setup port exceptions to ignore. For example, you can set a port exception starting from port 5000 to port 6000 and no router logging will occur for these ports.
    • Personalized icons can be used for the on and off status of a computer in HomeSeer.
    • Wake-On-Lan any computer configured in the plugin that has a Mac Address.
    • In order to use this plug-in, your router must be able to enable logging and redirect the logging to a specific computer on your network. Some routers do not come with this functionality loaded in their current firmware and it may be necessary to use a 3rd party firmware such as Sveasoft or HyperWrt.
    • It is important to note that if your router can log to a specific computer on your network and your router is not in the list of routers in the plugin, you will need to reference the support forum above and look
    • for the Router Logger stand-alone VB.Net application and run it to gather the logs from your router so that I can create a parser for your router and add it to the plugin.
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