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Plugin use 200% cpu

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    Hi MattL0,

    Ok, So the OID's displayed there are all different devices... Looks like your trying to add a printer? Did you enter anything into the Index? the Index field is for indexable OID's. for a pages printed you would likely not use and index unless you had a print server and wanted pages printed for each printer. For something like Ethernet ports for example you would Put and index for how many the device had like 1-48.

    Could you let me know the make and model along with what OID you created and ill try and replicate on my end.

    I will likely add a block on this so the plugin wont create more than 20 devices in one go without asking the question.

    Could you either send a copy of the setup page (Means turning the plugin on, so you dont need to do this way if your concerned)

    Or private message me the Config file for the plugin for me to review.