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Use Case for SNMP write

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    Use Case for SNMP write

    Hi Mat,

    Since you asked .....

    I'm looking at your plugin to control and monitor a Cyberpower ATS.

    In particular I have a set of OIDs that control 10 outlets,[1-10]
    and a corresponding set that I can write to to control them.[1-10]

    If the plugin could accept a "write" that would send when changed, I could update the device so I'd have the buttons to turn them on and off. As it is, the plan would be to write an event to call an os level snmpset and use the plugin for visualization.

    I don't use SNMP a whole bunch so don't know how widely useful this would be, but it would be for me.



    Hi Derekst,

    Thanks for the note, There is no reason i cant add write, So let me have a look at it and see what i could come up with....

    I do have a few other bugs that have been reported, so have to tidy them up first, But will get to it ASAP.



      Thanks Mat,

      Here comes the famous - while you are in the code...

      For my particular use case there are two other things that would be useful
      1. Being able to specify a multiplier (so my voltage would look like 125.2, rather than 1252), and the corresponding # of decimal places setting.
      2. Update the value field for numeric returns so that I can set status images