When I go to Ultramon3 plugin settings Subnets tab I can see IP's in the range and they change from offline/recovered/online but I'm not sure what else to do with this. I tried creating a virtual device from this IP but it's status is always "Unknown" in the main devices and it doesn't change when I bring devices on or off the subnet. Where do I go from here? All I want to do is have a device that goes 'On' when something is pingable, and goes 'Off' when it's not.

I just read through the quick start guide and documentation and those documents show a product that doesn't resemble what i have. For starters there is no "Add Device" button on my devices tab. This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for but can't seem to find.

Also I'm puzzled by what seems to be some kind of attachment to a layer 2 network? This should not be a requirement if all one needs is to ping something as ICMP works over routed layer 3 networks.

In the main features list of this product it states "Provides the ability to monitor the status of the devices on your network using ICMP ping." but I'm not convinced it can actually do this. If it does I would like to know how.