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Event to Rest router issue

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    Event to Rest router issue

    hello, I am trying out UltraMon3 and i have enabled two devices, my Fios Router and my Blue Iris pc, right now i am just trying to have ultramon3 reset my router if i lose internet and for some reason last night it run the event even though my event conditions were not all true so i wanted to see if someone could point out something i have missed
    The Event (attached pic) i tried to have HS run

    IF Fios Router OFFLINE
    and if my light is off in the computer room (if im in the room i dont need it to reset)
    then it turns off my insteon module (router plugged into)
    then it turn it back on
    then send me a email
    then i have it wait 20mins before it will run the event again, I am running this for now in case of a issues with the event, and give me time to log in remotely

    i believe i figured it out, the insteon module seems to be the problem