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UltraMon3 Not Updating IP Subnet Device List

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    UltraMon3 Not Updating IP Subnet Device List

    Recently put a new device (PC) on the network and wanted to set up monitoring and WoL from UltraMon on HS3. Went to try and add it and see that:

    1) The PC it replaced is still showing as active, although it is off the network.
    2) The new PC isn't showing up.

    Tried stopping/restarting UltraMon multiple times, restarting the HS3 process, the HS3 PC, all to no avail.

    Turned off the Windows Firewall on the HS3 PC and the new PC Client to see if that helped, but it does not. It seems to be refusing to update the IP list.

    Short of uninstalling and re-installing UltraMon, any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot.

    Any news on this plugin for Linux users? Thanks