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How to delete/recreate HS device?

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    How to delete/recreate HS device?

    In addition to being able to delete/recreate a HS Device, I'd like to be able to Update a device without the HomeSeer Device checkbox checked as well as be able to disable a device.

    I posted an issue a while ago and never got a response (update: Just found my missing devices after almost a year of them being missing in action!).

    1) All of the "enabled" checkboxes are disabled on the IP Subnets tab, so I cannot disable devices.

    2) When I go into the IP Subnets tab, If I click the edit button for a device to show the device's popup, if I uncheck the HomeSeer Device checkbox, it won't let me click the "Update" button and only says, "The HomeSeer device will not be created unless you select the checkbox." What's the point of making that a checkbox if we can't click Update without it selected? I mean, if it's required for updating, then why not do it in the background and leave the checkbox out of it?

    HS3 Pro Edition (Windows 10)
    Name: UltraMon3
    Status: OK
    Version: 3.0.6554.33094

    Any update on this?
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      I never got a response from the dev.

      I did figure out that if you delete the HS device from the HS interface, the device listing goes away from the UM3 devices tab. So I guess that's how you delete & recreate the device:
      • Delete it in HS
      • Wait for its MAC address to reappear in UM3 (will get a notice)
      • Configure it in UM3
      The Amazon Dash Wand has been flagged for retiremeint, so I deleted its HS device. I then found out it still wakes up in the middle of the night because UM3 sends me notices about a new MAC address on the network.

      Would still be nice to know how to do the other two things I mentioned in my original post, as well as how to have UM3 work in multiple networks. I installed another network monitoring script and have begun investigating if it will do what I want a network monitor to do.


        Yeah, nuking the HS device was the only thing that worked for me. Was hoping to find a more elegant solution (like removing the check box and having it do something other than complain)
        My home is smarter than your honor roll student.