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Online from remote IP address?

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    Online from remote IP address?

    Hm... it seems that when I have an Android client connected to HSTouch from a remote network UltraMon thinks that it's online. I didn't expect it to work that way. I was thinking it would be relative to the actual MAC address and/or IP address.

    Oddly, that device (my mobile phone - currently on a remote WLAN with a fixed VPN to the house) doesn't seem to have any content in the UltraMon3 tab of the device. Is that weird? or expected?

    I gotta be doing something wrong here...

    Once you define a monitored host via UltraMon3, it's then updated via its HomeSeer device address which happens to be the mac address. This means if your phone is connected via VPN and it has an IP address that isn't monitored via ICMP ping, then it won't show up in the IP subnets tab.

    UltraMon uses other means in addition to a simple ICMP ping to determine if a host is online. If your phone is connected via VPN to your HomeSeer computer, then it's possible it's detecting it via the broadcast packet most phones send when connected to a network (e.g. Multicast DNS). It's very difficult to tell you exactly what's happening without being able to inspect packet captures. Your phone may continue to appear online as long as it sends the packet that advertises its existence on the network.

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