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Getting UltraMonShutdown working

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    Getting UltraMonShutdown working

    I get the following message in my log when I try to use the shutdown/hibernate/logoff commands.

    Sep-02 12:21:23 PM Error Unable to send Shutdown to device A4-BA-DB-EB-32-1E.
    Sep-02 12:16:01 PM Error Unable to send Logoff to device A4-BA-DB-EB-32-1E.

    I have the Ultramon service installed and running on the computer I am targeting and selected in the options of the plugin. Both my HS3 and the target computer are running windows 10.

    I am sure I have made some sort of error or have omitted some easy step in getting this set up, but I can't figure out what I have done wrong nor have I been able to find any instructions on getting this element of the plugin working.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Yes I have the same thing...can't help but think its firewall or something. I am Windows 10.


      ok. So i have picked this up again and want to get the shutdown service working.

      I am no longer getting an error type message, when I check my log, I get the messages that seem to say that the packets were successfully sent. The problem is that nothing happens to the computer that I am trying to logoff or shut down etc...

      I'm running windows 10.

      Oct-15 4:55:27 PM Informational WOL packet was successfully sent to [A4-BA-DB-EB-32-1E]
      Oct-15 4:55:02 PM Informational UltraMonService Lock packet was successfully sent from to [A4BADBEB321E]
      Oct-15 4:50:37 PM Informational UltraMonService Logoff packet was successfully sent from to [A4BADBEB321E]



        Anyone successfully get this plugin to shut down and start a computer? I'm using Windows 10. I've tried to use this on two separate computers

        Here is an example of what I see in my log when I send a reboot request

        May-05 3:19:16 PM Informational UltraMonService Reboot packet was successfully sent from to [00016C6FE8D3]

        I am using the ultramonshutdown option.

        Alternatively, anyone have another way through homeseer to shutdown and restart a computer? I'd like to shutdown my office computer at night based on certain events or triggers and then open it up when I wake up as well as when I go to work and come home.

        Disappointing since the shutdown and restart was the primary reason for purchasing this plugin.


          Mine works fine, but I had to add a firewall exception for UltraMonHSPIService.exe for each machine on which I installed it.


            I think that did the trick.



              Originally posted by adamgreenberg View Post
              I think that did the trick.

              How did you get the sending part to work. I am getting the "Unable to send Reboot to device" in the log. What did you do?