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  • Soil Moisture Sensor Options

    Anybody know of any Soil Moisture Sensors out there that can be integrated? I have a stand-alone Rainbird timer, and I had a Rainbird SMART-Y Moisture Sensor, but I guess it took a lightning strike and is no longer working. Whatever happened, it took out a the zone wire it was connected to. I suppose I should add Wireless as a prerequisite.

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    A leading supplier is at I have used and works good in some soils, but not in damp ones. The unit needs to be interfaced via analog. I used WebControl, but if doing it today I would likely go with ESP8266 and get the WiFi. Battery or line power can be used. There are lower cost unit based upon capacitive sensing that are available from China that interface with microcontrollers. Dont go the very low end way that have metal probes as these will degrade in short order through electrolysis.


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      I have a couple of ESP32s, but haven't gotten into provisioning yet. Too busy, and I tend to procrastinate when I have no idea what i'm supposed to do with them lol.